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Holidays have come & gone

My Holiday 2012 baskets were beautiful!

Check out the photos on my Facebook page:

Gift Baskets by Natalie

Contact me for Valentines baskets or baskets for any upcoming occasion.

Holidays are coming fast

Christmas Day is exactly 60 days away. Time to start your list & check it twice. Not sure what to get your boss, co-workers, friends, employees, clients, doctors, mail men, baby sitter, day care, etc? Why not contact Gift Baskets by Natalie to create something for you? Contact me soon with your list. Looking forward to creating your baskets.

The Holiday’s are around the corner & I’m ready for orders

Hello all.  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged because it’s been an extremely busy year.  I had to find a Full Time job.  That doesn’t mean I will stop creating my gift baskets.  It is my passion and I will always be here to help when you need a gift.  Recently, I have made 3 baskets.  1 is a Tennis Lovers basket (which I posted a photo of) and then I made 2 baskets that I am raffling off for the American Heart Association for their upcoming Heart Walk on September 22 for Marin County.  I am so excited because we are already raising lots of money due to my baskets!!  Here is a link for you to see all my baskets:

Please feel free to contact me for any of you gift basket needs.  Please allow 2 weeks for orders.

Thank you all and looking forward to filling your orders.

Tennis Lovers Gift Basket

Tennis Lovers Gift Basket

Ready for new orders

New year, new orders!! I’m ready! Valentines Day is coming & I’m ready to fill orders!  New year, new goals!!! 2012 will be a great year!!  Come on and place those orders…. Do you know anyone with a birthday coming up?  maybe a wedding?  an Anniversary?  Did someone just buy a house & you want to send a Housewarming gift?  Maybe someone had a baby?? I’m here to create those beautiful baskets to make your loved ones smile!  Contact me with questions and I will help!

Looking forward to a great 2012!!

Holidays are almost over

I’m all set to work on 25 baskets that need to go out via FedEx on Friday Dec. 16th so that they are received before Christmas. I’ve got only 8 days to make that happen plus care for my two toddlers! Talk about crazy! Anxiety is high! On top of that I have to find a new place to live because our rent was raised and it’s too expensive to stay.

On a bright note, I love making these baskets and I already have a basket to make in January! It’s a housewarming gift basket, so exciting! I really would love to have a few orders per month so that I can supplement my husband’s salary! We are so sick of living paycheck to paycheck and worrying whether or not we will have enough fir food & gas! I’m doing the best I can! I’ve printed brochures & will be mailing them out to random companies hoping for some business. I also have a great website and I’ve got an ad on Facebook as well as a listing in!

Lord help me find some new clients & help them become regulars so that I can grow & have a steady income from this wonderful basket business.

If you are reading this, feel free to spread the word about Gift Baskets by Natalie! I make the prettiest baskets around & they are filled with more goodies than stuffing.

Gift Baskets by Natalie

It’s already 1…

It’s already 11/11/11 and I have been working on a few baskets… This year has definitely been busier than the last 2 yrs but I want more! Funny how we always want more. I have been trying to advertise via Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn but no business coming my way. I wish I had the money to post ads everywhere. If you are reading this and work for a company that likes to send gifts to it’s referrers and/or it’s clients please tell them about Gift Baskets by Natalie. Tell them they shouldn’t spend their money on big companies when they can spend their money and help out a small company that can give you more quality for your money. My baskets are full of goodies and the prices are cheap compared to baskets you see anywhere else. I have seen baskets in places that are just full of packaging instead of goods. I think that was one of the reasons that made me create the baskets that I do. I shrink wrap them also so that all items stay in place and because it makes the baskets look prettier as well!

Check out the link of of my baskets. I will be adding more photos as soon as I create more baskets. I have 3 baskets in the works and hoping to get more!

Thanks to all of you that help spread the word! If you do get someone to purchase a basket from me, I will send you a thank you gift basket for free!

Holiday baskets

I’m getting more and more excited every day that we get closer to the holidays! I absolutely love the holidays! I love how everything is just buzzing! The stores, people, streets, etc!

I will be busy cresting my holiday baskets & caring for my adorable two baby girls!

I’ve been working on the thanksgiving baskets & that gas just put me in the mood for the holidays!

Please spread the word to your bosses letting them know that if they are interested in sending “thank you” happy holiday gifts to clients, referrers, vendors & colleagues to contact Gift Baskets by Natalie to create a custom gift basket.

Looking forward to upcoming orders!

Thank you,

Gift Baskets by Natalie

Thank you

I am extremely excited about the upcoming holiday season! I know I will be busy and I am ready! I know I have one big order to fill so far, but I am looking forward to fill more orders!!

I have met some great new vendors at the SF Ultimate Women’s expo that it makes me wish I had orders to fill right now! My mind already has already started thinking about baskets & how I will be putting them together!

Note to customers ordering more than 6 baskets at a time… Please place your orders at least a month from date of delivery, so that I can ensure that everyone receives their baskets on time!! This rule is for Holiday baskets, because this is the biggest & busiest season!

I also would like to thank all my Facebook fans!! I’ve now grown to 80+ likes and 40+ people are spreading the word! I wish there was some way I could show my appreciation!!

Keep spreading the word & again thanks to all my current fans!


Gift Baskets by Natalie

Serving all US states

If you know anyone living outside of the San Francisco Bay Area that is interested in my baskets whether individual or corporation, please feel free to advise them that I do ship to them!! I DO NOT ship outside of the states though!!


I have a “rep” on the East Coast (in Virginia), that is spreading the word to get Gift Baskets by Natalie out there!! I don’t just fill orders here in the SF BAY AREA!!  As a matter of fact, my current biggest client is in New Jersey!! So please spread the word!!!!! Gift Baskets by Natalie is here & able to fill orders all over the US!

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